Best place to stay in Tashkent!

Stayed here from 27th Feb 2015 until 5th Feb 2015 and I loved it. Having travelled to Uzbekistan multiple times, I can only say I wished I had known this place earlier and that they had opened sooner so I could have stayed here earlier more often! Definitely gonna be my choice of accommodation for all my future trips back to Tashkent.

Firstly, the location wasn’t that hard to find. It’s pretty near the centre so getting to most landmarks was relatively fast. Couldn’t have asked for a better base camp for the entire week.

The owners, especially Rafael, is AWESOME. He’s really chill, incredibly helpful, very very social and cheery, extremely accommodating and he’s always around to help. I travelled alone this time solely to catch up with my local friends there but the times when I was just hanging out at the hostel, I never felt alone. And he cooks a really mean, good breakfast. 😀 Best part is, that he takes the effort to communicate with you throughout your stay to make sure that you’re happy and comfortable and safe!

The rooms are huge (biggest hostel room I’ve stayed for all my travels thus far) with really decent wifi (the fastest I’ve had in Tashkent so far). Took advantage of the space by strewing my stuff all over hahaha. Beds and pillows are extremely comfy for a hostel, I slept really well for all my nights there. There’s a big, extremely well-equiped kitchen and a washer, which is god-sent especially in Tashkent where most hotels charge insanely high prices for laundry and hot drinking water. There’s multiple common areas in the entire hostel, which creates an awesome vibe to just relax and chill out. Loved the artwork on the walls all over, Rafa said it wasn’t finished yet.. so it’s just gonna get better, nicer and cosier in future.

Overall.. this is a great place to stay that is worth well beyond the money that you’re paying. Definitely coming back in future and gonna recommend this place to anyone that is coming to visit Tashkent. 🙂

Noor Azlina, Singapore, February 2015

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