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Letter of Invitation for Uzbekistan

Great idea about coming to Uzbekistan, I’m sure you’ll love it. We can organize a Letter of Invitation (LOI) for you but please note, during your stay in Uzbekistan you will have to register in hotels/hostels, follow the laws and rules of our country and in general behave well 🙂 The thing is, since we are making a LOI for you, we will be responsible for you during your whole trip in Uzbekistan. Thanks for understanding!

Here is what we need from you to get you the Letter of Invitation:

1) download the form below and fill it in (instead letters like Ã, Ö, â, ç, ğ, ñ, ü, ş please enter A, O, a, c, g, n, u, s)
2) scan of your passport (main ID page only)
3) passport-sized photo (jpeg file or any picture format)
4) company letter proving you work or study somewhere, if not, you can say you’re “temporarily not working”, but in that case there is a chance that you will be interviewed by a consul while collecting your Uzbek visa.

Just email everything to knock-knock@topchan-hostel.com

After all the documents are processed and approved (about 8 working days) we will email you your LOI with a special code number (telex). You should bring it to the Uzbek Embassy in the city you had chosen as a “Place of visa issuance” in the application form and they will issue your visa the same day. We can also apply for urgent processing which takes 4 working days but you will pay 50% extra for the visa at the embassy. For example, if the visa is $60, they will charge $90.

As you see we make it as easy and straightforward as possible. For the last three years we made hundreds of LOIs and none of our guests were ever rejected. Also, we don’t make you book a hotel or a tour with us, you’ll just have to stay in our hostel at least for one night simply because it is our address that will be stated in your Letter of Invitation.

The price for the Letter of Invitation is $42 per person. For selected nationalities, for reasons independent of us, the price may be higher. Please note, it’s not a visa fee – you’ll pay for the visa in the embassy depending how long do you want it for, how many entries etc.

By the way, if you’re looking for a tour to Uzbekistan, we have collected all the best tours from local tour companies here: www.bookatour.me

For more information, please contact us at knock-knock@topchan-hostel.com

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