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Topchan hostel Tashkent


It is the atmosphere, the spirit and our philosophy. The atmosphere is simple, super-friendly and comfortable by all means. Everybody wear sleepers, cook national meals for themselves and fellow-backpackers, play music and board games. There are quiet spots to enjoy your book and bigger common areas with more social interaction.

In Topchan Hostel you can always feel the spirit of travelling, adventure and youth in the air. The three enthusiasts who founded this hostel in Tashkent all love travelling, backpacking, hiking, cycling and all sorts of active lifestyle. Most of our guests share the same interests.

Our philosophy is simple. It is sharing. The staff and guests of Topchan Hostel Tashkent don’t just share dorms and bathrooms. We come together and share our culture, our experience, our joy and happiness. And last but not least we are the proud members of the most hospitable people on earth, the people of Central Asia!


Registration in Tashkent is included, everything is official.

Wi-Fi is free and in every corner of the hostel

Breakfast is included.

– Check-in -out time is noon. But we are flexible.

Kitchen is shared, well equipped and easy to use.

– Private lockers big enough for your backpack!

– You can actually walk to the main train station, the Airport and city center!

Good music but not loud and annoying.

– You can park your bicycles inside!

– Plus, open-minded staff and much more good stuff.


Our dorm rooms have all that you need: spacious beds, lockers, cool linens, some space to socialize, air conditioning and central heating. We’ve got mixed dorms as well as a small dorm for girls only. Private rooms are bright and clean, with heating and air conditioning. All the rooms and common areas are non-smoking.

Also, if you are good in arts, especially drawing, we want to see it on our walls!

We are so close to the main train station and city center you can literally walk there. Alternatively – lots of public transport, and taxi is super cheap. The airport is like 3km away. There is a nice green park in the neighbourhood with an awesome water park (perfect for hot days) and a skating rink (in winter). Plenty of shops, authentic cafes, kind of pubs and much more. The best shashlik in town is served just around the corner. Few “National Food” restaurants can be found in the neighbourhood.

Our address is: Topchan Hostel, 8-Marta street, 104.

From the Train Station (Vokzal): bus no.22, 13 or taxi for 5000-10000 UZS. Get off at “Zeleniy Bazar” junction. Turn right  (south-west) and walk 50m. You will see a banner on your right.

From the Airport: most taxis use navigation apps and Topchan Hostel can be found on every map. Taxi will cost around $10 if you go with the taxi drivers at the airport gates. Or $1-2 (10000-20000 uzbek som) if you ignore them, install a taxi app and order a taxi. We can also meet you in the airport and bring you to the hostel on our car with our driver. The service would cost $10.

Google Maps with the routes


  1. General rules

    Check-in and check-out time is noon. But we are flexible. If you arrive early we will meet you and check you in anytime and of course give you your bed/room if any guest checks out by that time. If there are no beds/rooms available till the check-out time, there is a nice relax zone in the common area, you can even take a nap there. And you’ll be able to take a shower, use internet and store your luggage of course, free of charge. If you arrive super-early (2:00 – 6:00 am) it makes sense to book for one day before. In that case we will keep your place for you and you will be able to take a proper rest after the road. If you arrive late – no worries, we will keep your bed/room for you and one of our staff members will open the door for you. Just in case, the code to open the main door is 4242 🙂 If you want to keep your bed/room after the check-out time for up to 4 hours it’s free (if available), 4-10 hours – you pay for a half-day, more than 10 hours – it’s full price.

    Reception people work 24/7. Almost. One is happy to wake up if necessary.
    No smoking in the rooms, dorms and common areas. Only outside.
    Visitors are welcomed in the common areas but not inside the rooms.
    – Please save electricity. Switch off the lights after use or where you don’t need them (toilets, showers, smoking room, kitchen). As long as we keep the utilities costs low our hostel will remain the most budget option in town.
    – Please try not to break anything, or we will have to charge you.
    Wi-Fi is free, and relatively fast.
    – Please don’t leave your personal belongings (towels, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, clothes) in the showers and common areas.
    – And don’t lose your locker keys. There is a fine for this.
    – Don’t bring any kind of drugs to the hostel!
    – Don’t be shy to show everybody how friendly you are. Most of the travellers stay in hostels because they want to meet people like you!

  2. Reception

    – Bring your passport, we need to make a copy.
    – Ask for Wi-Fi password

  3. In the rooms

    – Please keep clean, make your beds in the dorms, throw your garbage in trash bins, use lockers for your stuff.
    – Please try to be quite after some of your fellow travellers went to bed. It can be the other way around tomorrow.
    – Please set your cell phones and alarms to silent mode at night in the dorms. Otherwise your roommates will hate you.
    – Please use a flashlight in the dorms at night.
    – In the dorms, if you leave early morning, please pack your stuff in the evening.

  4. In the kitchen

    – Again, please keep clean, especially after you prepared something.
    – Please wash your dishes. Don’t be lazy 🙂
    – Feel free to use shared ingredients.

  5. In the toilets and showers

    Don’t flush the paper down the toilet.
    – Please make sure the toilet is clean after using it. It’s no fun to clean them for everybody.

These rules are simple and easy if you are a nice person and we believe that you are. Otherwise we will have to ask you to leave.

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